Wife-killer Sefer Calinak ejected from Turkish dating show

The show is Flash TV’s Ne Çıkarsa Bahtına(Luck of the Draw) and it is hoped that whoever the special lady is that picks eligible bachelor Sefer Calinak, 62, she has better luck than the other two.

In his favour, Calinak was very upfront about his past, saying he had been tried, convicted and sentenced to 13 years. He was released after four as part of an Amnesty program. ”I’m an honest person looking for a new wife,” the host of the Show told that “I m an honest person looking for a new wife & said that he had killed the first wife by irritating from her”, and the second because he believed she was with him for his money.

In fact, it’s a little more complicated than that.

Wife-killer Sefer Calinak
Wife-killer Sefer Calinak

Calinak’s first wife had eloped with him at 17, to avoid marrying a (presumably old) widower. The young couple had been living with Calinak’s family for five months when he said she changed. Calinak noticed that the widower’s nephew kept coming to town, became jealous and killed her. On the show Calinak reportedly said, “I served my sentence. Got a release after 4 years and 6-month with an amnesty. despite had being given 13 years and 9 months jail term in the first place.”

Calinak married again after prison, had two kids, and divorced.

The second murder involved a married woman with whom Calinak was having an affair. When she reportedly went back on her word and didn’t leave her husband for Calinak they argued and “I killed her after she attempted to kill me. He said, “She was accidentally killed when I swung the axe”. We’re guessing the court didn’t see it as an accidental/self-defence thing, because Calinak was again imprisoned. He was granted an early release this time after six years.

Calinak insisted that he was a star-crossed victim of “destiny,” while the show’s host insisted that he leave. ”Bad luck always found me,” he said. “In spite of everything, I still want to get married. This time I’ll leave it to God. ”

The head of Media Monitoring Group (MEDİZ), Hülya Uğur Tanrıöver, criticized the show’s producer for not doing background checks of the participants. The show’s producer, Gözde Kurt, reportedly thought Calinak had only killed one person and had served his time, so Calinak was allowed on the show.

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