Holocaust survivor Edward Mossberg with President Reuven Rivlin

Reuven Rivlin who is the president told  Polish counterpart, Andrzej Duda, that country’s current rectification of holocaust law In which Israel says downplays the polish duty in the Nazi’s systematic murders of those millions of Jews, cannot detract from the fact that “people who murdered as well inherited.” The two presidents met as they joined thousands of young Israelis and Jews from elsewhere in the world in their March of the Living to mark Holocaust Memorial Day and remember the former Nazi German death camps of Auschwitz and Birkenau.

Mentioning the term  extermination polish death camp for three years and suggesting  that the Polish nation or state was complicit in Nazi Germany’s crimes. “We greatly appreciate all those who risked their lives to save Jews, but there were other phenomena as well. People who murdered and inherited,” Rivlin told Duda, quoting a verse in the Book of Kings.

the annual March of the Living in Auschwitz to commemorate the Holocaust, in Oswiecim, Poland

“Now they got green signal to Nazis to do all legal & illegal all things not only in Poland but in entire Europe”

Duda needs to understand and get it, Rivlin added, the feelings of the Jewish people in Israel. “We see the Holocaust as a result of anti-Semitism which led to the slaughter of the Jewish people, out of the Nazi ideology which flourished on Polish soil,” Rivlin explained.

He said We welcome the inner examination and for soul search of Polish Society.Yet, there is also great disagreement about which we have spoken,” he continued.

President Rivlin and President Duda at Auschwitz during March of the Living

President Rivlin and President Duda at Auschwitz during March of the Living

The young people in number of thousands  ahead the march and many of them wrapped in Israel’s Flag visits the couple of Auschwitz including a Death wall of Germany where germens  executed their prisoners.

Rivlin revealed to Duda that Poland “keep on being  committed to comprehensive and unrestricted research on the events of the Holocaust period as was agreed in between two countries and as is appropriate.“

“One must not overstep into the field of the other. Co-operation in between Israel, Poland and Jewish people on remembrance & memorial & in education is the way to pass the torch of remembrance and responsibility to the next generation”  

German Wall

Rivlin said. Responding to the remarks, President Duda said that the meeting of the two at the site was a “great honor, but also of course a testimony to the enormity of the disaster that happened here. “We are meeting here for the March of the Living as a testimony to memory of the Jewish Holocaust. We say to the world—especially from here, the place where the terrible disaster was carried out—we say Never Again,” Duda began. “We call on the whole world to see where hatred of the other and anti-Semitism can lead.

This is a cry for the whole world to remember that all humankind must relate with respect to one another and that Never Again,” he added, avoiding a dispute with Rivlin. “So many Jews over the years dedicated their lives to Poland and its independence and their graves are scattered across Poland, not because they were murdered but because they fought for Independence of Poland,” Duda said before turning to Rivlin Directly

President Riwlin. He was to tell about the collaboration of Poles with Nazi Germany.

President Riwlin, On collaboration of Poles with Nazi Germany.

The President of Israeli said states men have a duty to shape the future, while historians have a duty to research & describe the past

“Mr. President , I need to emphasize –A big disagreement on on issue of amending low that was passed by polish government , which is being examined  by the your court, but I want clarification from you at no point why should we want to block testimony, on the contrary we wanted to defend the  historical truth , and I want clarification from you to do this at my price, even when it goes difficult for us”


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